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Yellow Fluttery Goodness 

These yellow tulips are brightening up the rainy/chilly days and can’t help but make me smile on this Flower Friday. Hope they do for you too!



Happy Hyacinth In Any Time Zone 

My oh my, what a sight to see those buckets of hyacinth last week at the Market on a chilly, rainy Seattle Winter day. Pure heaven. Looking at the images while in snowy New York makes me think of Spring on this Flower Friday.



Flower Friday, Tulips

My Market strolls have been a little flower light the past months, so I am happy to report that Alm Hill Gardens is back in full swing with bucket after bucket of glorious tulips. While I think of them as a Spring bloom, they make my heart sing even greater on these chilly, rainy days of Winter, injecting hits of energizing color and major Flower Friday happiness.



Alm Hill Gardens Tulips Have Arrived!

It is always a supremely joyful sight & day to see the colorful TULIPS sign that Alm Hill Gardens hangs above their stall at the Market is flying about.  Such is the case late last week.  Bucket after bucket of their divine hothouse tulips just in time for the festive holiday week ahead.  Their stall is at the end of Pine Street–tell them Ted sent you if you are in the neighborhood and in need of a hit of tulip happiness.  



Watson Kennedy Fine Living Turns 18 Today!

And what a glorious 18 years it has been!  The shop in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, where the Watson Kennedy retail journey began, celebrates its birthday today.  I catch myself saying more often how “time flies” and that once again is quite applicable.  Even after all those years, I still pinch myself a bit when I slip my key into the door, thinking how lucky/fortunate/blessed I am to have a shop in the iconic Pike Place Market in that incredibly special spot in the courtyard.  I thank all of you who have been such loyal supporters over the years.  You are what make this whole journey so deeply meaningful.  Cheers to you and cheers to 18 more years!!!



Season Ending Dahlias

Each stroll through the Market produces fewer and fewer buckets of dahlias.  The season so prolific and quite long, the deep saturated colors a marker of the timespan as the last ones always seem to have a richness to them.  This color incredibly dreamy.



Marching Dahlias

The dahlias continue to delight.  The Market stalls overflowing with them.  I am often drawn to the white variety as they mix so well with blue for the table at WestWard.  This time they were cut quite short, leaving the head resting on the lip of the thin clear drinking glass.  Instead of staggering them, I lined them up in a straight line, almost like they were part of a marching band creating floral music down the middle of the table.  A simple bunch of 10 creating all sorts of flower happiness as they filled the table from end to end.



Dahlias For Days

The flower love continues beyond the usual Friday post.  I just had to share these awesome dahlias that seemed to fill every flower stall at the Market yesterday. Bucket after bucket of riotous color, with even the white variety seeming colorful in their own way.    



Dahlias = Summer

No matter the date on the calendar, Summer begins in my mind when I start catching glimpses of buckets here & there filled with dahlias at the Market.  The ruffle-y carefree petals in abundance seeming to sum up the season in a bloom. Rain or shine, they always make it feel like it is sunny outside.



A Sea of Lilies

20160624-031823.jpg The Market was a sea of lilies the other day. The heady aroma they give off, heavenly. Lilies are one of those flowers where one stem can fill an entire room with scent. Of course, if you want to gild the lily, pun intended, a big bunch of them is pretty extraordinary too.