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Thinking of Late August in Late February 

As the chilly breeze blows about through the window and rain taps gently on the sill, my mind wanders to late Summer at the end of August. The tomatoes overflowing at the farm stands and the buckets of dahlias at the Market a riot of intense color. For many of you reading, your hot season is at this very moment. For others, your cold season is winding down. On this chilly early Sunday morning, I am dreaming of being on the deck at WestWard in full sun thinking of what to make with all the tomatoes. Wherever you are, I wish you just the very best day. Oh, and happy Oscar night too, if that is your thing!



Inspiration in Red

This week is all about getting the shops ‘Holiday’ ready, so I have been drawing much inspiration in all shades of red.  The above display at the Home store was what started it off.  A look over my photo feed over the last few months has lots of red inspiration injected into it, with an appearance of my beloved dahlias, here and there.  And of course tomatoes & apples in tons of variations on the hue.



A Season Ending Supper Table

This is a story of tradition, a table setting and saying farewell to our lovely, lovely Summer.

The dahlias just so perfect from the Market on Saturday I about shed a tear as they were being wrapped up.  They would be just the right colors as we say good-bye to Summmaaa and welcome in Autumn.  The red bowls a Christmas gift from last year that we have used time and again and adore.

Then the red Laguoile silverware, napkins in a vintage Lucite ring, a heavy French wine glass had the table set and ready for the fun stuff.

Part of my collection of number 11 pool balls would be called into action as well as dominos and a matchstriker plus 11 plates from the shops from ages ago along with a few other random red things.  All stuff that makes us happy plus it pulls from the colors of the dahlias so it brings it all together.  We were set to have our season ending meal with dearest of friends who we have a 10+ year tradition of sharing an alfresco supper with at WestWard during the sunny season.



Red Carnations In a Pinch

I know carnations often get a bad rap.  But bunched together tightly in a grouping of one color, they really can be quite lovely.
The buying trip to New York was amazing but by Saturday after I got back to Seattle and worked a few days at the shops, I was beat.  So I missed my ritual stroll through the Market where I pick up flowers for the week-end.  I hung out at WestWard that day and had a ‘nothing’ day, where I did nothing but read, nap, and nap some more.  I love nothing days.  We had guests arriving for Sunday supper at 2 the next day. TPS had the meal handled, so I made a quick run to the grocery store that morning, hoping to find dahlias, but, no luck.  The red carnations just shouting at me to give them a try.  I cut away all the extra on the stem and just concentrated on having the bloom be the star. The flower is quite pretty and having all of them massed together further brings out their beauty.  I did 2 tall glasses and 2 short glasses filled with the red carnations.  Not back for 10 bucks!  The blue whale we sell at the shops was the centerpiece and the flowers flanked the whale on both sides.  They worked out just perfectly giving the dahlias a run for their money.



Reds & Yellows

I love when things flow together, both in daily life as well as design. Such was the case this past week-end, when the tomatoes we were having as part of the meal were pulling out the same colors as the dahlias that were dancing down the middle of the table.  A lucky coincidence but one of those in life that I love to revel in.



Inspiration in Autumnal Hues

Such a spectacular time of year. You can draw inspiration at every turn. The light drawing out the reds, yellows, browns and oranges–the colors of the season. Here is a little inspiration in those hues.














How ‘Bout Them Apples



20150125-091821.jpg A little Sunday beauty for you. Yesterday morning at the Market, a vendor had just the most picturesque bushels of apples. The light was hitting them perfectly, bringing out the amazing variations of color. Nature’s magic.

We fly out early tomorrow to snowy & quite cold New York. Super excited for a Winter respite at Hawthorne.
A restful Sunday to you all,



Potted Amaryllis

20141115-061059.jpg Now is the time you will start seeing a profusion of potted amaryllis at flower shops, grocery stores, and other spots that sell flowers and garden supplies. They have some serious bang for the buck, as the process from stalk to bloom is a pretty magical process to witness–and once it does, man oh man, are they a sight to behold. Just find a receptacle of your liking to drop the plastic pot into. Here I put one in a vintage brass bucket that was a gift from our friend Peg and then scattered the top with pages from an old book to cover up the exposed dirt. If you can get your hands on one, enjoy the heck out of it. They are such extraordinarily beautiful flowers.

Just a reminder. Our first Holiday Open House of the season is today at our First & Spring shop in downtown Seattle from 10 to 6. If you are in the area, I so hope you can make it. As a special little treat if you are able to join in the festivities, mention to me in person today that you saw this on the blog post and I will have a little gift to give you. XX, Ted




Seeing Red

20141010-070522.jpg We landed at Newark last eve safe & sound. The Fall colors so stunning with pronounced hits of red & flecks of orange and yellow too. It got me thinking about red as I woke this morning. Lots of green images coming your way this coming week, but for today, red is taking center stage.














A Table in Red

20140727-075311.jpg Last Sunday was a bit overcast and a tad chilly, so the color red seemed to be calling me when I set the table. The linen tablecloth had been folded up, so I liken it to a linen suit in how wrinkled it looked. Fitting for the season. With an iron nowhere to be found, wrinkly it would be. I think that is where age mellows you. 15 years ago it would have unsettled me a bit. Now I embrace the wrinkles. Insert big smile.



20140727-075850.jpg You know I always like to try and add something vintage or a bit of ephemera to the table. It just adds visual interest. I like the thought of someone thinking/asking, “Why in the heck is there a pool ball on the table?” which gets the conversation rolling. The red dahlias dancing about the table in much the same way the white dahlias did the Sunday before. The red adding such warmth on a cool day. All set for friends and laughter and an outdoor supper.