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Zinnias with Sage

Herbs can add great texture to a flower arrangement. This time of year when so many herbs are growing like crazy, snip a few stems and intersperse them with some of your favorite blooms.  Here zinnias got the sage treatment.  Our rooftop herb garden brimming with lots of choices.  Rosemary is another particular favorite. Happy Flower Friday all!



Single Stems of Sage in Vintage Bottles

20120703-060140.jpg Our rooftop garden in town had a profusion of sage growing. I really wanted to bring some of that feathery soft green back inside. Our faithful vintage bottles would once again come to the rescue. I snipped 3 stems, and they were just enough to bring a hit of life to the area behind the sofa in the living room. Really any herb will do. I just love to be able to walk up to them and rub a leaf between my fingers, releasing a bit of the oil. There is just something about the simple act that I finding soothing. Using herbs in place of flowers is a great way add variety & color to a room, when blooms are not available, or you just want to mix it up a bit.