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More Yellow Fluttery Goodness

The sun was streaming through the shutters so beautifully, creating lines all over the dining room table and illuminating the creamy slightly washed out yellow tulips, almost to the point where they looked like they were being lit from within. Flowers can often have a spiritual quality. These certainly did. They also had a bit of a peony vibe to them. I just had to stop and gaze every chance I could. They are our Flower Friday bloom for all of you to enjoy too.



Alm Hill Gardens Tulips Have Arrived!

It is always a supremely joyful sight & day to see the colorful TULIPS sign that Alm Hill Gardens hangs above their stall at the Market is flying about.  Such is the case late last week.  Bucket after bucket of their divine hothouse tulips just in time for the festive holiday week ahead.  Their stall is at the end of Pine Street–tell them Ted sent you if you are in the neighborhood and in need of a hit of tulip happiness.  



Watson Kennedy Fine Living Turns 18 Today!

And what a glorious 18 years it has been!  The shop in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, where the Watson Kennedy retail journey began, celebrates its birthday today.  I catch myself saying more often how “time flies” and that once again is quite applicable.  Even after all those years, I still pinch myself a bit when I slip my key into the door, thinking how lucky/fortunate/blessed I am to have a shop in the iconic Pike Place Market in that incredibly special spot in the courtyard.  I thank all of you who have been such loyal supporters over the years.  You are what make this whole journey so deeply meaningful.  Cheers to you and cheers to 18 more years!!!



Damn The Weather

This is a Wine & Dine Wednesday post on a Monday. It has been in my line-up and I really wanted to write about it today.  Did not think you would mind. Full disclosure, Damn The Weather is a restaurant & bar owned by the husband of a WK family member, Lisa. That aside, I would have still written about it as sooooo many people have told us how fab it is and how much they enjoyed it.  And they were right!  Plus you know I only write about spots we adore, and this is now added to that list.  We had a date night a few Sundays back and finally got to give it a go.  A misty eve where the name of the place was completely apropos.  Located in the historic Pioneer Square area, the space feels like you have entered into another time.  A feeling that Pioneer Square evokes in spades, which you know I quite like.  Drinks play a big role here, so if you are open to trying a new cocktail, you will be filled with glee.  Mister Sive tried a cocktail he had not had before (so sorry I forgot to write the name of it down) and he smiling throughout the meal.  Oh my stars, the meal.  So good.  We shared everything and relished every single bite.  Here is what we had.

A beet salad with whipped feta, seasonal greens, pistachios and tarragon.  Roasted cauliflower with lemon ricotta and caraway bread crumbs.  Chicken fat fries with fennel pollen and lemon.  Ok, I was sorry we split these, as we both could have polished off an order of these.  Braised short ribs with parsnip purée, chanterelles and truffle butter.  Along with a grassfed beef burger with Gruyere & portobellos on a seasame bun.  All stellar.  And I have to tell you, it was the best burgers either one of us had ever had. That is high praise coming from this Midwest boy who was raised in a house where hamburgers were given rock star status.  I can’t even tell you what we split for dessert, but it was also sublime.  We were so happy.  Is that what dining out is all about?  They are open during the week at 11 when they start serving lunch, staying open all the way through 2 in the morning so a cozy spot to grab a bite after a concert or play.  Week-ends they open at 4, again staying open late on Saturday and not quite as late on Sunday.  Just a gem for when you want an amazing cocktail and an equally amazing meal in a cool setting filled with nice folks working to make you happy.  Cheers to that!  



Season Ending Dahlias

Each stroll through the Market produces fewer and fewer buckets of dahlias.  The season so prolific and quite long, the deep saturated colors a marker of the timespan as the last ones always seem to have a richness to them.  This color incredibly dreamy.



Domaine Guizard Rosé

As the rosé season soon comes to a close for some, I know many of you enjoy it year round.  So I thought I would highlight the bottles in the next few weeks, that were enjoyed at the rosé tasting that occured at the shop last month when we had the Jeanne McKay Hartmann trunk show.  It was such a fun eve with customers milling about shopping, sipping rosé and Jeanne painting up a storm while Arielle Dombasle played in the background.  We served a variety of wine from one of my favorite Seattle importers, Precept.  The Domaine Guizard rosé from the Languedoc Appelation was loved by all, so I thought it would be the Wine Wednesday choice of the week.  

From the vintner’s site:  “On those warm lands, the dominating Grenache combines well with the Mourvèdre. After nightly harvesting and direct pressing, the wine displays a light, orange salmon, robe, and delivers soft but elegant aromas of white flowers, hardly peppered. More expressive, the mouth is supple, round and slim.”

The kind folks at Precept have offered my blog readers the ‘Friends and Family’ discount, which is 25% off of the retail price.  If so incline contact them at Precept Wine and be sure to tell them you read about it on the daily blog post or were lucky enough to try this yummy French rosé the night of the tasting at the shop.



Marching Dahlias

The dahlias continue to delight.  The Market stalls overflowing with them.  I am often drawn to the white variety as they mix so well with blue for the table at WestWard.  This time they were cut quite short, leaving the head resting on the lip of the thin clear drinking glass.  Instead of staggering them, I lined them up in a straight line, almost like they were part of a marching band creating floral music down the middle of the table.  A simple bunch of 10 creating all sorts of flower happiness as they filled the table from end to end.



Dahlias For Days

The flower love continues beyond the usual Friday post.  I just had to share these awesome dahlias that seemed to fill every flower stall at the Market yesterday. Bucket after bucket of riotous color, with even the white variety seeming colorful in their own way.    



The Travelling Dahlias

It began with the fluttery white dahlias from the Market dancing about the Sunday breakfast table in town.  Along with the bundle of sweet peas, they made a handsome addition to the morning.  One of the things I love most about flowers is the hearty/fragile contrast. It is what makes them so intriguing.  I knew the dahlias would only last a few more days (the fragile) but knew they would handle the ferry ride (the hearty) just fine and be a welcome addition all snuggled together on the ottoman out on the island.  



Dahlias = Summer

No matter the date on the calendar, Summer begins in my mind when I start catching glimpses of buckets here & there filled with dahlias at the Market.  The ruffle-y carefree petals in abundance seeming to sum up the season in a bloom. Rain or shine, they always make it feel like it is sunny outside.