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Sometimes, All You Need Is One

The light streaming through the shutters ever so beautifully seeming to light up the fluttery single stem tulip from the inside out.



Ever So Happy Calico Gardens Yellow Dahlias

Yellow gets a bit more attention this week as Flower Friday is all about a variety of yellow dahlias from Calico Gardens on Vashon Island.  We had our friend Cara visiting from Florida so she and Mister Sive took a drive around the island while I prepared lunch and they made a stop and loaded up the back of the car with a jaunty variety of yellow dahlias.  The blooms as well as the 3 of us made the ferry crossing the next day and they found a happy home in the city scattered all around in single stem vases in an assortment of shapes & sizes.



Reds & Yellows

I love when things flow together, both in daily life as well as design. Such was the case this past week-end, when the tomatoes we were having as part of the meal were pulling out the same colors as the dahlias that were dancing down the middle of the table.  A lucky coincidence but one of those in life that I love to revel in.



Garden Clippings 

Flower Friday is not so much about a certain type of flower or bloom, but rather, about herbs & leaves and all that good stuff.  Sometimes a little hit of green is all you need to spiff up a space.  Above & below, a little shelf at the Home store with clippings from plantings on the island brought to the shop for bit of visual enjoyment.  The shapes creating a visual whole from many individual stems.  Often, the leaves are just as beautiful as the blooms.  

Yesterday morning I wrote that I felt a part of my soul was French.  And then another senseless tragedy happens from what was to be a joyous day.  My heart aches once again for my/our beloved France.  I am beginning to run out of words to describe the sorrow we all feel from so many of these horrible actions.  But I will go on posting of beauty and of love.  For we must all revel in joy.  They can not, and must not, take that away from us.  



These Became These

20160212-035256.jpg The first thing I did Tuesday morning after flying back Monday eve, was head to the Market to pick up fresh flowers. My favorite tulip vendor brimming with options and once again the orange parrot tulips won out. Dotted here and there in primarily single stem vases as well as a bundle together on the ottoman, they have been opening beautifully doing their poetic dance welcoming us back.









Single Stem Vase Lily Love

20151130-074831.jpg And just like that, we woke up to these. The night before they were all closed up ever so tightly, and overnight they burst into beautiful blooms, with the living room filled with their scent. The dance of the lilies. To be enjoyed as we begin our week. Just so good I had to share…



A Single Scented Geranium Stem

20150813-051235.jpg Single stem vases do not always have to be filled with a flower. Sometimes a stem from a plant will do. The scented geranium in pots out on the island are going crazy this time of year with all the fab sunshine we have been getting. They get leggy and we have to cut them back. Those clippings are like gold to me. This verdant stem making the ferry crossing, finding a happy home in a vintage apothecary jar in the living room at The Gainsborough. Looking at it makes me so giddy I could jump up & down and do a happy dance. How funny, I was trying to type the word ‘down’ and it autocorrected to ‘dork’ which just makes me laugh. I’ll take that. If loving a scented geranium makes me a dork, then so be it. Insert a big laughing smile at this early hour a bit after 5. My point with all of this really is, if you have access to plants or tree branches and they make your heart sing, cut a piece off, bring it inside and put it into a single stem vase. You will be happy you did. And I promise I won’t think you are a dork…




Single, Single Bloom Happiness

20150721-073655.jpg I think living with the beauty of flowers creates happiness. They feed my soul. I also know flowers can be expensive and not always readily accessible to all. That is where a single bloom comes in. You don’t need a huge number of flowers to create flower happiness. All you need is one. The above hydrangea bloom has been sitting on the side table on my side of the bed since we arrived to New York. In a vintage glass jar we found awhile back. The amount of joy that single little beauty has brought to me is amazing. I see it first thing when I wake up, and right before I fall asleep. I know so many of you reading live with flowers each day. This is more for those of you who don’t but want to add them into your life. Just find a simple container that pleases you. A clear drinking glass will even do. Those are some of my favorite containers, by the way. But you all already know this. Buy a bloom at the grocery store, clip a flower from your yard, ask your neighbor if you can have one of theirs–however you need to get one, do. Then place that flower in said container and put it where you will enjoy it most. By the sink in the bathroom so you can see it while brushing your teeth, on the table next to your favorite chair where you read, on the kitchen windowsill so you can see it while you are cooking. Wherever you would like, as long as you can see it often. Roses last forever, as do hydrangea. Whatever flower speaks to you most. Change the water every other day and give it a fresh snip at the bottom of the stem. I promise you, that little single flower will bring you an unbelievable amount of joy.



Pops of Peonies

20150530-064101.jpg The first thing I did Friday morning after having been gone for a few weeks is head to the Market and breathe in the sights & scents of the peonies. We searched high and low in our country hood for the blooms and came up short. The season up there just not kicking in quite yet. Seattle on the other hand, my oh my oh my, peony heaven.

20150530-064442.jpg Buckets and buckets of them just waiting to be loved.

20150530-064529.jpg I love the progression of them being a nice tight ball and then watching them unfold and do their fluttery poetic dance like only they can do.

20150530-064713.jpg They have been scattered around the shops and home in single stem vases since the moment they started showing up at the Market. Pops of peony here and there–that way the singular beauty of each ruffly petal is enjoyed and thoroughly appreciated.



Hydrangea Leaves in a Pinch

20150523-075003.jpg I could not find a peony to save my soul. Actually not A peony, but 3, and if they were white, even better. We drove around to farm stands, flower shops and grocery stores. Not a single darn peony in sight. So, Mister Sive’s birthday dinner table would have to be awash in green, and the hydrangea leaves from the yard would have to do the trick.

20150523-075327.jpg When all else fails, get resourceful and creative.

20150523-075443.jpg Hydrangea leaves are just so beautiful in their own right.

20150523-075551.jpg Mixed about with all the other variety of green things on the table, they would fit right in.

20150523-075647.jpg Doing a line dance right down the middle of the table. The peonies were not missed one bit once the festivities began. Lesson learned–when the world hands you hydrangea leaves, use them.