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Ted’s Tip No. 163

Simple coat hooks can be used to hang your dishtowels in a row so you have them right at your fingertips. Plus having them out & about allows you to enjoy the colors and pretty patterns.



A Few Bundles of Roses

Flower Friday this week are a few bundles of grocery store roses that are doing the trick, in a pinch. We are hosting a graduation party today and wanted to spiff up the dining table. This vessel will get moved later to said table. The lilacs with all of the heat are no longer and the peonies are yet to pop. One flower you are almost always certain to count on when at the grocery store or corner bodega are roses. Hearty by nature, massed together, they make for a simple abundant arrangement that will last a good long while.



Make It Simple

I think what stops most folks from entertaining on a regular basis is making the process much more laborious than it has to be. Sure, if you find yourself with tons of time and you want to cook everything from scratch, have at it. But if you want to have people over often and find little extra time on your hands, order out, or pick up some prepared food on your way home. Add a quick fresh salad, pass around a plate of cookies for dessert, and you are off and running. Set the table before you head to work in the morning takes a ton of stress away right before guests arrive and gets you excited during the day in anticipation of the eve. You want to see your friends, they want to see you, so making it easy makes these gatherings so much more possible.



Ted’s Tip No. 105

Often times a vase of hydrangea ends up being a tight grouping of just the blooms, which looks pretty darn awesome. But that means the beautifully verdant green leaves miss out and get tossed. Sort through after they have been pulled off and select the best looking ones as well as mostly the same size. Stack them up, fan them out, and then add to a clear vessel with a bit of water in it. Whether placed next to the flowers or all on their own, they will shine.



Style & Simplicity, Chinese Edition

Honored & humbled at the release of my book Style & Simplicity in Chinese earlier this year. Fun to know it is reaching folks both near & far. Amazing to think it is coming up on its third year next month, how quickly time passes. In its 5th printing, I could not be more delighted by how it has done. I head to Eugene next week to speak at a fundraiser with 400 folks who will all get a signed copy at their seat. If you know of an organization or event that you think it pairs well with, let me know. Always a treat to get it in the hands of those who would enjoy it.

Happy Wednesday all! From rainy Seattle, soon to hop on a train to Portland for creative project in the works. Make your day a great one!  TKW



A Happy Trio

20160315-074821.jpg I received a lovely surprise yesterday from my friend Marcy who lives back East. She snapped a photo of Style & Simplicity on the shelf at her local Barnes & Noble in New York. The gesture was so lovely and much appreciated as I love seeing my book in situ, even as we near the second anniversary of the release. I wrote it hoping it would have longevity in the market and not be a title that was out but then gone in a flash. I have so many of you to thank for that, as many of you continue to give it as gifts. I know this because when I work the shops I often sign and personalize them, or I receive notes/e-mails from far & wide telling me of the gift received, which tickles me so. But the thing that most made me smile in this photo was that it also included The Perfectly Imperfect Home by Deborah Needleman and Around Beauty by Barbara Barry. Deborah hosted the swellest book party for me at her home in New York and Barbara wrote the most heartfelt foreword to my book. What a fun coincidence that the three books would be right next to one another. A happy trio, indeed.



Super Simple Shrimp Scampi

20150811-055934.jpg This is such a great dish for entertaining because the shrimp marinate with the garlic, getting infused, so you can prepare this before guests arrive. Then all you need to do is quickly cook them up right before ready to serve. Here goes.

Either peel & devein shrimp yourself, my preferred way, or buy them that way. Truly, either is perfectly fine. Lay them out in a bowl or platter and pour over a good amount of extra virgin olive oil. They want to be swimming in it, this will all make sense in a bit. Chop up finely several cloves of garlic and spread about. Liberally salt and pepper the whole lot. Cover and refrigerate until you are ready to cook. Or cook right away, just let that mixture sit for at least 15 minutes. It can sit in the fridge for a good long while marinating. Next zest 2 lemons, putting the zest in a bowl. Then juice those 2 lemons into the same bowl. Set aside. Then chop up a generous handful of Italian parsley. Place in a little bowl. You will use this later.

Get water boiling for pasta. Cook a box of your favorite linguine. If you use fresh, even better. While that is cooking away, you are ready to cook the shrimp. On the stove top, get a pan heated on medium high, add a big knob of butter. Place the shrimp, all the glorious EVOO they have been swimming in, plus the garlic into the pan. Cook the shrimp not more than 2 minutes a side. Take off of heat. Add the lemon zest/juice from the waiting bowl. Stir around. The lemon mixes with the butter and the olive oil to make a bit of a sauce. Then add the parsley. After you have drained the pasta, add all, the shrimp mixture & pasta, back into the empty but still warm pasta pot. Place the lid back on and let sit for a few minutes to marry all those amazing flavors. Serve. Just so simple and hearty. We served this the last 2 Sundays alongside grilled steaks for a Summery surf and turf to guests. Ample enough to serve just as it is, with a green salad, baguette and a glass of rosé.



Ted’s Tip No. 41

20150703-061129.jpg Transform a bare wall into a rotating ephemera gallery. Use interesting pushpins or double stick tape to display favorite photos, ticket stubs, beautifully handwritten cards & envelopes–really whatever makes you smile.

PS, I was hoping to announce the 5 winners of the flower magazine subscription contest today, but we have been experiencing some major computer issues at WK this week, and all the entries are sitting in an e-mail folder I have been unable to access. Arghhhhhh. Hugely sorry. Fingers crossed this will be fixed today and I can announce the 5 winners tomorrow. Oh my word, I have received sooooo many amazing entries. Thank you for that, and thank you for your patience on this one.



Boston {BOOK SIGNING} at Joanne Rossman

20150522-073858.jpg If you are in the Boston area of Roslindale tomorrow, please join me from 4 to 7 at Joanne Rossman’s magical shop for a book signing. Also joining me will be my friend, artist Denise Fiedler from San Francisco. She will be showing her works and taking orders for her now famous pet portraits she creates from vintage papers. A fun, festive evening is assured! Funny how the world works. Joanne and I both know a ton of the same folks. So often this year people have said to me I need to do a signing at her shop. We will make the drive to Boston from Hawthorne tomorrow, which will be so pretty this time of year. Can’t wait to see her shop. I have heard so many fabulous things about it. Hope to see you there!

Happy Friday all and happy start to the Holiday week-end.
From sunny Hudson Valley,



‘Style & Simplicity’ Turns One Today

20150506-032711.jpg Turns 1, First Anniversary–just not sure of the proper terminology. Either way, one year ago today Style & Simplicity was released. My oh my, what a wonderfully incredibly special year it has been. For all of you who have followed along, sent a word of encouragement, bought a book, given a book–a heartfelt THANK YOU from the bottom right up to the top of my heart.

20150506-033505.jpg To all of you who attended the book launch party at the shop one year ago tonight, what a special night that was. One I will never forget. The amount of love shown was just off the charts. The thought of that eve and event will be a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.

20150506-034034.jpg To all of you who sell my book at your shop, to all those who attended a book signing along the way, a HUGE merci. I really just can’t thank you all enough. You have shown me much love throughout. I have heard so many thoughtful cool stories–shared experiences from parts of the book that spoke to you. A recipe tried, a stored family heirloom unearthed and enjoyed, a piece of art purchased on a trip that will be a remembrance always.

20150506-035010.jpg As the song goes, thanks for the memories. Still plenty more to be added to the memory bank, but I just wanted to have this one year marker be a time to say thanks. Oh what a year it has been…