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Charlotte Moss ENTERTAINS 

Charlotte Moss ENTERTAINS is one of the new titles to land at both shops this past week. Wow, just wow, this is one seriously beautiful visual journey into the world of entertaining & table settings. This, her 10th book, is filled with page after page of inspiration and ideas. In typical lovely Charlotte Moss fashion, her words come across like a friend sharing her stylish tips with you over coffee. 



Green & Blue 

They always stop me in my tracks. The above tulips with the big green streaks, just stunning. There was one bucket of them at the Alm Hills Gardens stall in the Market on Saturday morning, so I snatched up the better part of them for our week-end out on the island.

Things tend to be pretty red, white and blue out there, but this time green took the front seat. I have always been a lover of blue and green together. Think the sky and grass and off we go. I pulled a bunch of blue plates, bowls, silverware and glassybaby and we were set. The combo has a freshness to it. As the rain pours down outside as I type, I will longingly think of this as a Springtime combination. With a little sunshine tossed in too!



Make It Simple

I think what stops most folks from entertaining on a regular basis is making the process much more laborious than it has to be. Sure, if you find yourself with tons of time and you want to cook everything from scratch, have at it. But if you want to have people over often and find little extra time on your hands, order out, or pick up some prepared food on your way home. Add a quick fresh salad, pass around a plate of cookies for dessert, and you are off and running. Set the table before you head to work in the morning takes a ton of stress away right before guests arrive and gets you excited during the day in anticipation of the eve. You want to see your friends, they want to see you, so making it easy makes these gatherings so much more possible.



Happy Fluttery Flower Friday

Just can’t get enough of the creamy yellow fluttery tulips this season. This round almost peony like dancing around the dining table in a variety of vessels. Have a lovely week-end everyone!



Italian Parsley In A Pinch

It is rare I am not inspired by the flowers when I make a quick dash in to do a little grocery shopping. But it was the case this week-end, so the Italian parsley we already had sitting on the counter at the house was called into action for this heavily blue table setting. The lacy greens adding a nice color balance. Add an assortment of shells from past beach walks and we were on our way to Sunday supper at WestWard.



Ted’s Tip No. 140

For a super simple and quick table setting, chose one color, and set the table with varying shades of that hue.



One New Thing 

Often one new thing added to your table can refresh it and bring new life to the setting. In this case, it was the hand painted owl vase from England that arrived at the shops last week. The minute I saw this one, I knew he was coming home with me and right where he would live, watching over the dining table. The piece instantly freshening up the whole setting. 



What Is Old Is New Again

Collecting vintage goods can be recycling at its stylish best. Something old becomes new again when it gets a new home. The history and soul that lives with the object is part of the attraction.

While on my San Francisco trip last week I hopped over to Berkeley for a lovely, lively 6 hours of seeing old friends, meeting new, shopping and dining. 

I could never go to Berkeley without paying homage to Tail of the Yak. For 47 years they have been been an inspiration to those who have shopped there from around the globe. In the space, you are transported. Good retail, no, make that the best retail achieves that. They do it in spades. Look for a post about shopping there in the coming weeks.

I spotted two pair of vintage wood candlesticks that I just knew would find a happy home at The Gainsborough. Take-out was on the menu last night and we thought they could go for their inaugural spin in their new home. Hand-rolled beeswax candles slipped in ever so perfectly and we were off and running. 



One on One

Spending one on one time with a friend can be incredibly special. Spending that time sharing a meal deepens the experience even further. Whether that be in your home or a favorite restaurant, breaking bread with those you love and hold near & dear is truly a gift. In this past week I got to catch up with friends new and old in Seattle and San Francisco, spending quality one on one time with them. Be it a breakfast, lunch or dinner, just getting alone time to spend catching up or getting to know one another better, laughing, sharing stories, and laughing some more is so good for the soul.



A Bit More Hawthorne 

I have had a few readers who are WK customers stop me since we returned to Seattle saying they wanted to see more Hawthorne photos. Funny, as I sometimes question whether I run the risk of boring you all with images from there. So the post today is for all of you who wanted to see more. The above just sent to us yesterday from caretaker Bill after a fresh snowfall. The below images things I snapped while we were there–table settings, family visits, what I was reading on the stay, flowers, outside activities, a bit of what we were cooking/baking/serving, and a few room shots as the house continues to get that layered feel we like so much, that really is only accomplished over time with collecting things you love to make a house a home.