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Ted’s Tip No. 198

The gift of a note or letter is one of the very best things. To make the process easier, put a small stack of cards & envelopes out on your desk at the ready. That way you can reach for one easily and jot off a quick note in a heartbeat. Makes someone’s day!



Ted’s Tip No. 197

Entertaining need not be a ton of work. It can be as easy as roasting a chicken. Along with a green salad and baguette, a simple meal to enjoy while catching up with friends.



Ted’s Tip No. 195

Roadside farm stands are a great way to get your hands on some of the very freshest eggs, produce and flowers. It is also a lovely way to show support of those hardworking farmers in your community.



Ted’s Tip No. 194

A frittata can include everything ‘but’ the kitchen sink, as I like to joke. They are the perfect dish to use up bits of leftovers, like potatoes, onions, ham, and small bits of cheese. Savory in every way.



Ted’s Tip No. 193

A big cheese platter can be awesome but also overwhelming, both for the host and guests. Try individual platters for your next gathering. Combine cheeses with jams, honey and candied ginger as well as a variety of crackers & bread for a simple and oh so tasty cheese spread.



Ted’s Tip No. 192

For a cozy dinner table, use a variety of candle heights to add instant mood. Try tall tapers mixed with lower varieties along with super low tealights. A flicker of light will be wherever your eye lands.



Ted’s Tip No. 191

Take a moment, or more, when you first wake to take a long breath and just be. Give thanks, think of the day before, think of the day ahead. A quiet moment that is yours uninterrupted.



Ted’s Tip No. 190

Keep a random assortment of vintage bottles by your sink in the kitchen. That way they are at the ready to hold herbs, blooms, stems. The sight of them will make doing dishes a delight.



Ted’s Tip No. 189

Sheet pan suppers are one of the easiest ways to make a meal with minimal clean-up. One pan wonders. Here Cara Cara oranges saddle up next to sweet potatoes, yams, shallots and carrots. Chicken thighs were later added. Salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil and away you go.



Ted’s Tip No. 188

Sometimes all you need is one magnificent bloom.