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Spring Is In The Air



Two in One

Sometimes you get an extra special bloom, where there are two heads on a stem. They are like finding a four leaf clover in my book. Which leads me to–Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and Happy Flower Friday!



Sometimes, All You Need Is One

The light streaming through the shutters ever so beautifully seeming to light up the fluttery single stem tulip from the inside out.



Waiting For the Paint To Dry

We are in the process of having the plumbing re-done for our 1929 building in Seattle, The Gainsborough. We have called this home for close to 30 years, buying the apartment shortly after we met. We moved away for part of that time, but held onto it, always knowing we would come back. It holds a very special place in our hearts. I snapped these photos early this morning, after we spent the eve putting things back as they were, once the paint had dried. A good portion of the above wall needed to be ripped out/open (not sure of the construction lingo proper term) to get to the plumbing in the kitchen. The same had to be done in a large walk-in closet (which holds more ‘stuff’ than one can imagine) to get to the bathroom plumbing. It was comical how discombobulated things were in the space for the last 6 weeks. The ‘put back together’ was a good time to clean & polish/get rid of/donate many things. It got me thinking of home and what that all means to me/us/others. How important the spaces we call home are to our well-being. How they envelope us and make us feel safe and cared for. Home is incredibly personal. Whether it be a room or many, many rooms–they give back to us in a myriad of ways. Sometimes more than we know…



Ted’s Tip No. 90

Good design is as much about what you take away as what you add. Edit, edit, edit.



Tulips, Reaching for the Light 

Flower Friday brings these divine creamy white tulips with a few magical tiny streaks of red running through some of the blooms. I love when they seem to be standing on there toes, stretching ever so slightly, reaching for the light.  

A lovely, lovely Friday to you all in your part of the world. Have a grand week-end! 



A Sunday Brunch

If the idea of entertaining friends for a dinner makes you want to hide under the covers, but you still feel a desire to host guests, consider Sunday brunch.  Brunch food can be casual so the effort is not as great as a full-on sit down dinner.  Think bagels with lox and salmon spread, a large quiche or frittata to feed the crowd, a big bowl of fruit salad, yummy sweets bought from your local bakery.  A big pitcher of OJ, coffee and maybe an offering of a mimosa or a Bloody Mary, and you are all set for a swell time.  Sunday tends to be a relaxed day, but Saturday would certainly work too. Have jazz playing in the background.  Light a few candles.  Then get ready to have fun at your own party.  



The Start of a Tradition

Flower Friday is not so much about a bloom this week, but about saying farewell to our Christmas tree.  We don’t do a tree each year, so when we do we try and get the most enjoyment out of it, for as long as we can.  We were determined to try and keep it through the 12 days of Christmas as I just liked the symbolism of it.  We ate Panettone last night as we took off the ornaments while jazz filled the air.  It is our first time to do this.  If you partake in Twelfth Night as part of your family holiday, please let me know what you do.  I love the idea of the tradition of it and would like to incorporate it into ours. Happy Friday everyone!  



Paperwhites, Two Ways

As promised, the big container in the kitchen full of paperwhite narcissus bulbs in full bloom.  They grew so tall this year that I ended up moving them to the dining table earlier this week so they could really spread out and do their dance.  I snapped the below image on Tuesday and they have even grown more and more, equalling major Flower Friday happiness as we move into the Holiday week-end.  



The First Bloom

These have been such a joy to watch grow in the last few weeks.  The roots doing their dance among the scattered Champagne corks.  The first bloom releasing that sweet scent so distinctive to the paperwhite narcissus, I could smell it the minute I opened the front door the other day.  Next Flower Friday I will post an image with the container a riot of blooms–right on cue to usher in Christmas…