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A Sunday Quote On The Power of Love 



A Tuesday Quote & Thought 

I was asked to be a speaker for a panel discussion last week for a professional services organization Mister Sive has been President of, SMPS, The Society of Marketing Professional Services. It was a lively discussion with folks from other professions. The idea was to get a good mix of other people from differing work arenas to see what we all had in common. The word ’empathy’ became the common bond between all of us. Here is the definition:




the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

I had found the above quote weeks ago and have been waiting for just the right time to post it. Today is the day as the word has been swirling around in my head since the presentation last Thursday. We flew to Milwaukee on Mother’s Day to see my mum. At 91 she is still as feisty as ever. Being with her is also a constant reminder of my father, who was and continues to be a daily source of inspiration to me, even though he died over 30 years ago. He lived the definition of empathy and instilled it in me as a value that was at the top of the list. In this time of much tumult and divide in our country and world, it is a word, a definition, an action that must be front and center. Call it humanity, the action of faith, or just wanting to be a better human being–to be able to understand and share the feelings of another in our day to day will help to make things better.



An Artful Sunday Marc Chagall Thought 



A Sunday Thought 



The Golden Hour

That bit of time when the sun stops shining and it still is not dark. When things become a little golden. Golden in both color as well as the spirit of the moment. The minutes move a tad slower during that time. When it happens in conjunction with guests arriving, it seems to signal a magical eve awaits.



Using What You Have

In a pinch, if you are not finding flowers to your liking, walk around your yard, your neighborhood or even just your own home–snip from plants, pull a few cool looking branches, cluster a bunch of ferns. Even a melon from the fridge adds to the mix. Using what you have around can be incredibly satisfying and gets your creative juices flowing to create a stylish tableau.



A Saturday Thought 



A Sunday Thought



Simple Gifts

We were given these eggs from a friend, who raises chickens, as we were leaving her home. The simple act of a beautifully simple gift. I have written often, and I am sure I will write about this many more times–the idea of giving of what we have, what make, what we grow. These becomes the most special of gifts, as you are giving a bit of yourself.



A Beautiful Sunday Thought