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A Sunday Thought



A Rainy Saturday Flower Thought



Autumn In New York

As the song goes, “Autumn in New York, why does it seem so inviting?” As we bid adieu to our beloved Hawthorne until we arrive back on Christmas Day, this stay was relaxing and revivifying all at the same time. The carpet of leaves surrounding the house got thicker & thicker each day. It was about resting up for the busy shopkeeper season that is upon us. But we also squeezed in a good amount of entertaining both family and friends. The days were cool and the leaves changed colors a bit each day. It was all we had hoped it would be and then some. Thanks always for following along.



A Sunday Thought

I have looked through my list of quotes this Sunday morning, and nothing was resonating with me, and then I found this. I am at a loss for words, as well as feelings because I am a bit, no make that completely, numb. The actions of yesterday as well as of this week have left me, as I am sure many of you, saddened/angry/dumbfounded. You know I do my darndest to keep my posts positive and upbeat, but today I am just not feeling it. Places of worship are sacred. Life is sacred. We as a society and country must not allow this to be ok. Compassion, respect and love must prevail over hate.



Ted’s Tip No. 172

Food, particularly vegetables, can be exquisite on the eye. If you know you are cooking them later in the day, leave them out on the counter to enjoy their beauty. They will also feed your soul.



A Sunday Thought



A Pablo Picasso Quote



A Saturday Thought



Stacks of Magazines

I love staying in a guest room that has a stack of magazines waiting to be flipped through or landing on an article I can’t wait to read before I fall asleep. It is a creative design element that enhances really just about any room, but especially a guest room. We sell a variety of magazines at Watson Kennedy, some of my favorites like the Paris Review and Flower. To make it easier to accomplish a spiffy stack of mags, awhile back we started selling all of our back issues at half off. It is fun seeing customers sort through the stacks finding the issues that resonate with them, finding an assortment.



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