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Day One, of a Spring ‘Refresh’

The sun was shining so beautifully through the big front windows as I turned off the lights last night after Day One of a major Spring ‘refresh’ I just had to click-away a few images.

The shops, much like home, can always benefit from a little mix-up of things to add freshness & spice vignettes up a little.

By moving things around, your eye lands on new focal points. The old becomes new.

You end up cleaning a bit, which spruces everything up, which in turn re-energizes an entire display.

Plus it is just downright fun! Oodles of hard work, but oh so satisfying. 5 of us moved things around, got sweaty, laughed, helped customers, answered the phone, fulfilled web orders, moved more stuff around, helped more customers, cleaned a bit, chatted, and moved more around. A full, full day. One down, with three more to go…



Magical Climbing & Dancing Jasmine

It began many, many months ago when the tiniest bit of vine came through the slightest little opening in the window and attached & wound itself to the shutter inside.  Then the magic continued.  It has been an absolute joy to watch the dance this vine, now two, has done.  When we arrived back to Seattle late Monday eve, we were treated to an even further show as it has begun to move to the middle shutters.  It is crazy how much it grew the 2 weeks we were in New York.  The slightest scent filling the living room, which is just heavenly.  Thought the magical dancing jasmine could be the Flower Friday bloom of the week as we are just charmed by it.  



The Trade Secrets Goods in Action

20160523-080055.jpg Turning a house into a home is a process. In my mind, it takes times to create layers. Those layers are what tell the story of the life you have lived/are living in that home. Filling spaces with objects of meaning is a continuing process. Sort of like putting together a puzzle. An ongoing puzzle that gets more interesting as it is being worked on. The pieces I picked up for us in Connecticut the other week-end are things I will always look back on with the memory of that place, time and experience. They have become pieces in our Hawthorne puzzle that have many uses, as well as look swell just lounging.

20160523-080801.jpg Case in point, the glass battery jar. It will live for now on top of the shelf in the dining room being flanked by the marble urns also picked up that day. But the jar was called into action on the dining table when the lilacs bloomed this week in the front yard.


20160523-081151.jpg The big handled bucket will live on the back porch for the moment adding a sculptural element to the room. It was filled with ice and wine bottles for the birthday party we hosted the other week-end. We will end up using this for a ton of things over time.

20160523-081402.jpg And lastly the English watering can. We put it to good use each day to water the plants we enjoyed inside on this stay, which TPS planted yesterday. The watering can just looking cool all in its own when not in use right outside next to the picnic table. All things we will use in many ways, adding a new layer to the experience of being at Hawthorne.



A Treasure Tucked Here & There

20160221-091932.jpg The last few days we have been unpacking vintage goods acquired over the last months. My search for the unique is constant, so often times I will acquire things that don’t immediately find their way out into the shop floors. We are also always on the hunt when we are back East, so our suitcases are quite often jam packed when we return. Hunt & gather being the consistent theme. Then things like a painting will get tucked here or there into a display, adding another layer of visual interest. The same is very much true for all of us at home. Spaces evolve over time, and often that does not mean it has to be an entire room re-do. By picking up an object that catches your eye or finds a way into your heart and incorporating that into your existing room scheme, it adds another layer of visual interest to your space while barely breaking a sweat. Little or no furniture moving involved.



These Became These

20160212-035256.jpg The first thing I did Tuesday morning after flying back Monday eve, was head to the Market to pick up fresh flowers. My favorite tulip vendor brimming with options and once again the orange parrot tulips won out. Dotted here and there in primarily single stem vases as well as a bundle together on the ottoman, they have been opening beautifully doing their poetic dance welcoming us back.









A Moment in Time

20160126-043557.jpg Snapped these orange parrot tulips yesterday while we were packing up to leave for New York. I think that is what draws me most to flowers, they make time stand still for a moment–you stop, look, contemplate, enjoy.




Parts of a Puzzle


20150711-063428.jpg I made the analogy yesterday of buying goods a bit like putting together a puzzle. The same is equally true about display/design. Which can be said for a store display or the design of things for your home. How you put objects, aka, pieces of the puzzle, together means they fit nicely, or things don’t quite fit right.


20150711-064033.jpg In that case, you just move it around until it finds a space that does work. The key factor is that you like the piece in question. If you do, you will find just the right spot for it. Yesterday was a full day of shop display, which is so enjoyable and so satisfying on many levels. Seeing the pieces of the puzzle slip snuggly into one another. Bit by bit, piece by piece, each finding a spot that fits.





Ted’s Tip No. 42

20150709-051719.jpg A collection can be as simple as objects with your favorite number on them. They become part of your hunt when you are traveling or out & about shopping. Display them together for a spirited reminder of your finds.



Strength in Numbers

20150505-063017.jpg Aside from the heavy reflection of the car in the glass, the thought today centers on repetition. I just could not get a shot of this window without the car front and center. Apologies. OK, back to the post. We can all take home design ideas from windows we see at shops. Snippets we can incorporate into our own home. Here I used lots of the same thing over and over again. Starfish, green glass bottles, white cake plates, seashells–all in multiples to create a strong visual. Strength in numbers. Think of this for dining table tops, coffee table tops and bookshelves. Pull all of what you have of one thing, then display them together. They don’t even all have to match, say brass candlesticks of varying shapes & sizes, but they are all of the same family. Together they help create and tell a visual story.



Anatomy of a Window Display

20150429-082643.jpg There are so many aspects that go into a window display. The biggest one today was trying to put product in that would not fade. I was at the shop at 5:30 this morning to work on things and change out this window before it gets hopping at 10. Oh my, with all this lovely sunny weather (truly, not complaining in the least) the goods I pulled out of the window had completely faded. I had not factored that into the equation when we did this window awhile back. Side note, the sale case will get some real gems that have a bit of a sun burn/tan today…

20150429-083111.jpg I digress. Out everything comes. I just left the book pages on the wall and the long table in. The bones really. Then I start adding. Acquired this amazing vintage mirrored vanity so that went in first. This will be a Mother’s Day themed window. A new lamp arrived the other day that has a light blue base. This helps set the theme.

20150429-083355.jpg I like to image who this vignette is for. It is for a woman sitting at the table getting ready and she is surrounded by the things she loves. The horse black & white photos get added. As well as a stack of black & white vintage photos scattered here and there.

20150429-083612.jpg Then her tea as she is getting ready as well as her favorite Tocca perfume and her favorite Diptyque candle. A vintage trophy to tie in the photos.

20150429-083746.jpg Below would be all glass & vintage silver. Keeping in mind the sun beating down on this window, glass and silver will be perfect. Plus the silver really catches your eye as you walk by the window. It is comical trying to take these photos as tons of cars and folks are walking by. In order for the shot to be orderly, cars and people reflect off the window and get in the shot. I have super brief spans to snap away.

20150429-084106.jpg Also a little French love and a nod to the Eiffel Tower in this window. Done. Now onto the next window!