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All About Vintage

We started a several month long project yesterday of cataloging all of the vintage goods in our inventory. Over the years we have amassed quite a collection of things so we thought it wise to have images of all the gems from around the globe. Sterling silver, Baccarat crystal, English hotel silver and brass were the beginning points. Each item getting cleaned, polished, re-numbered and lastly photographed. Look for more & more added to our website in the coming months. Above and below some of My Favorite Things Today.



Ted’s Tip No. 137

During these chilly months, a big platter of citrus out on the table brings the sunshine in.



Vintage Here, Vintage There, Vintage Everywhere 

When we search for vintage goods for the shops, often it does not get put out right away. I like to save the little ‘gems’ and dot them here & there in displays. It sometimes takes awhile for a spot to open up or for a display to come to life from an idea I have dancing around my head. I think the same holds true for all of us and our home. If you want to inject a little vintage goodness, you might have to wait for the right moment to find the perfect spot for that awesome find. Never fear, you will. If an object spoke to you enough that you purchased it, you will always find a home for it. That home might just take a bit of time. But once it does, promise, the wait will be incredibly satisfying. 



Ted’s Tip No. 136

Objects from travels as well as things that are gifts from friends are a reminder of your past. Surrounding yourself with them in your home creates a layered feel that becomes a look back into your history as your eye glances over them.



What Is Old Is New Again

Collecting vintage goods can be recycling at its stylish best. Something old becomes new again when it gets a new home. The history and soul that lives with the object is part of the attraction.

While on my San Francisco trip last week I hopped over to Berkeley for a lovely, lively 6 hours of seeing old friends, meeting new, shopping and dining. 

I could never go to Berkeley without paying homage to Tail of the Yak. For 47 years they have been been an inspiration to those who have shopped there from around the globe. In the space, you are transported. Good retail, no, make that the best retail achieves that. They do it in spades. Look for a post about shopping there in the coming weeks.

I spotted two pair of vintage wood candlesticks that I just knew would find a happy home at The Gainsborough. Take-out was on the menu last night and we thought they could go for their inaugural spin in their new home. Hand-rolled beeswax candles slipped in ever so perfectly and we were off and running. 



Same Table, Two Nights 

Hosting and entertaining family & friends on our Hawthorne stay is always the highlight of the visit. Hard to beat sharing a home cooked meal at your dining table, where the conversations and laughs flow freely. We had back to back suppers these past two evenings. I wanted to keep it pretty simple, so the table setting changed using mostly what was already there, swapping out a few things like the tablecloth to create a new look in a matter of minutes. 



A Candle, A Clematis, A Salt Cellar

Still new goodies arriving/being put out on the floor each day, which helps tremendously when a section of something sells out. Ahhhh, the retail puzzle. This time of year is when it is most complex as it happens often, and you must act quickly to fill empty spots when they occur. Yesterday was no exception, where candle stock was refreshed, new Livia Cetti paper flowers arrived, and vintage salt cellars we found at Brimfield in September were unearthed. Keeping shop displays looking fresh is an ongoing task, one we relish and enjoy immensely–all part of the mix, all part of the puzzle.



Ted’s Tip No. 120

Single vintage utensils are a lovely thing to add to a cheese board or serving platter, instantly spiffing it up with their beauty. They are an easy and quite useful collection to begin, that you will find yourself reaching for time and again.



Ted’s Tip No. 117

Live with what you love. Enjoy it. Use it. Take it out of the drawer and display on a table for your visual enjoyment. 



A Bird-y Woods-y Table

Setting a table can often come down to one initial element that you want to use, then you build off of that. In the case of this dining table at the shop, it was to use a large bird scarf we just got in as an overlay like a tablecloth. I liked the sheerness of it, making the dark table underneath stand out a bit. My point with all of this is to get everyone thinking outside the box when setting a table. Pieces of fabric, dishtowels, scarves–all can be employed and called into action to set a fun table. Plus boxes have started to arrive with vintage goods we found at Brimfield a few weeks ago. I just had to get several things worked into this display. I was itching to use them the moment they were unpacked. This is a bird-y, woods-y table filled with mismatched silver, ferns, and beautiful brass candlesticks to pull it all together.