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Summmmmaaaaaa Windows

A quick swap out of things in both the big windows of our First & Spring shop the other day. Man oh man, the sun does a number on things, so changing goods up in the sunny months is always part of the plan. Boat-y, blue-y was the idea for the first window, with the Country Living article of WestWard the inspiration. Gardening and all the cool watering cans we found at Brimfield the driving force for the second window. Cheers to Summmmaaaaaaa!



Window Two

On a sunny, sunny Wednesday the second window got a refresh with a nod to the outdoors and gardening. Heather spent hours double stick taping old book pages to the wall to create a sort of wallpaper. The day before that was my task with vintage music sheets. It has become a Watson Kennedy trademark of sorts. Ahhhhh, the wonders of push pins & double stick tape. We reach for them time and time again. Then out came the old ladder from storage as well as the French folding garden table. The shoe form lamp came down from the Market shop, as I thought it would be stellar in this window with the chicken wire shade. The shoe forms then became a running theme, pun intended, along the tops of both window units to unify them. Then my beloved green took center stage as goods began to get pulled and we once again were putting together a visual, layered puzzle.



Flowers & Mom

Thought it fitting that on May Day one of the front windows was transformed into an ode to flowers as well as upcoming Mother’s Day.

With musical roses strewn about the goods, the window started to take shape. The Livia Cetti potted paper geranium center stage along with a dreamy Hugo Guinness stems of geraniums linoleum cut print. Two happy Mindy Carpenter flower bouquets flanking the duo pulled the whole thing together. Then lots and lots of treat ideas for mom. 



Two New Windows

The big windows at the First & Spring shop got a quick re-do. A little change up before they get a Mother’s Day switcharoo in a few weeks. Birds and favorite French things became the focus. 

The above fab photos shot by our lovely WK customer, Marsi Buckmelter, by way of Instagram. Merci Marsi! 



Livia Cetti Paper Geraniums 

We hit the ground running as we returned to Seattle late Wednesday eve and I headed to the First & Spring shop early to begin dismantling the Holiday windows and create new ones for the upcoming holiday of love. We always put out Valentine goods as soon as possible in the new year as I really like promoting the whole idea of celebrating friendship & love and this heart holiday has been a personal favorite since I was a child. Which brings me to our Flower Friday pick of the week, the stunning paper geraniums we carry from uber talented New York artist, Livia Cetti. Another round of her work arrived in December and it is a happy day when the delivery driver brings in that perfectly packed box of goodness. A few potted geraniums arrived in this order as well as a large variety of other single stem blooms–like dahlias, garden roses & peonies. Her work creating these flowers is quite something. But the geraniums speak to me in a big way as you know of my fondness for them. They brought the whole window together the moment we started adding them to the display.



A Veuve-y Hermes-y Orange Window 

We finished the second window on Thursday, after getting the bones of the display in the day before. The Veuve-y, Hermes-y orange wall stayed from the previous vignette (I think it might stay around for awhile) so we pulled lots of orange toned goods, as well as earthy brown items. Some fab vintage chippy gilt frames we found at Brimfield in September pulled the back wall area together, along with a few Hugo Guinness pieces. Once the windows are completed, then tackling the floor of both shops is top of the agenda. More on that next week. Have the BEST Sunday!



Red & Green

Decided to go super traditional for our first Holiday window. The red walls from the prior window just spoke to me wanting a bunch of green to nestle with. This was by far the most challenging window we have ever put together. Some days the creative energy takes a while to get flowing. We took things out, added, subtracted, added more. I still was not happy with it as I stood across the street with Bailey after her walk early afternoon. It just was not popping. Heather & I had worked on it for hours at that point. Amy was brought in to give thoughts. Kelly brought in a fresh set of eyes and came up with the idea to hang the ‘Happy Holidays’ white tags. It was what was missing! Layering is such a large part of what we do at the shops. I have to remind myself that it takes time. A good reminder for all of us as we start getting our spaces ready for the season. Speaking of getting ready, I know for some of you seeing windows in early November seems waaaaay tooooo soon. We have had customers asking for weeks where are the ornaments and when were things being put out. I do my darndest to resist putting goods out until the first of November. But now the race begins…



Looking For Inspiration Everywhere

Ahhhhhh, a blank slate. As Summer turned to Autumn it seemed like the perfect time to change things up and refresh the big front windows at the First & Spring shop. Gotta say, these full-on design days make me supremely happy and we had a blast changing these up. Heather prepped the walls and did fresh coats of paint the day before after a group of us disassembled the prior windows. A yummy, yummy red and a nod to my Veuve love of orange and we were on our way!

Often it is one thing that starts the creative juices flowing. For this window, the large rolled print with the birds scattered about was it. From there the bird themed window took flight. Incredibly happy with the vermillion shade of red, as it makes all the rest of the display pop. It will be quite fun doing a Holiday window with this red later on down the road.

The paper mâché giraffe and the Julia Child quote were the first things pulled for this window to get us started. From there we just add and add telling a bit of a story and not telling a story. Long ago I left behind the notion that everything in a display had to “make sense” and that has really freed me up to create, I think, more creative displays. The color taken from the label of a bottle of my beloved Veuve Clicquot champagne. Inspired by the yolk of a French Bresse chicken egg, it proves that we should be looking absolutely everywhere for inspiration. Doing the windows inevitably means a few displays get re-worked which means they are full, full days. But what satisfying days they are, spent with people I love, adore, respect and have a ton of fun with. There might have even been a few laughs. OK, yes, there were tons of laughs…

Hope you all have just the swellest week-end! T



A Natural Beach-y Window

It was a sunny, sunny Seattle day yesterday with the beach being on the mind of many. The window Heather & I put together on Thursday a nod to Summer. Often one item can spark the direction of where a display will head. Many times for the windows, a lamp becomes the driving force. In this case, the quite large robe lamp was it. From there, we just start pulling and placing things that compliment it, which starts telling a bit of a visual story. Much in the same way decorating a room would evolve, with one piece of furniture often dictating the direction the rest of the pieces will follow. The sun shining so bright it causes a reflection of the ‘Watson Kennedy’ onto the back wall, almost like a watermark. The large vessel that is truly one of my favorite things at the shop, finally getting to take center stage. The natural sea sponges placed here & there a nod to the theme and tone of the rest of the goods.



A Quick Window Refresh

First off, you must know, it was a gloriously sunny day, one of which we have not had in quite some time, so the reflection was quite strong on the windows when I snapped these photos. Apologies, as you end up seeing almost as much of The Alexis Hotel as you do the window display, but that was what I was working with. We all were so thrilled to be getting a spot of grand weather, that I was happy to make do. Out came the Easter display and in went a Mother’s Day window. All sorts of greens & blues, inspired by some paintings we had found in Eugene (more on that tomorrow) the day before. Just layer after layer of shop goods, with some pretty spectacular ruffly white field tulips that pulled the whole thing together. We are off and running celebrating all things MOM in the coming month.