Springtime in New York

May 25, 2011

I adore New York City. It is a city filled with possibility and amazing energy. I always feel so energized creatively when I return from a trip there. Strong visuals are everywhere you turn.


I was taking my best friend from college, Devin, to dinner at Prune. Reservations were set for 8:30, so it gave me ample time after I finished at the stationery show to catch a drink at Freemans, a place I have wanted to try but have always seemed to miss going to on my last few trips. It did not disappoint. I sat at the bar in the back part of the restaurant, and was treated to what I like to call “dinner theater” by the bartender. She was a commanding gal who cracked square ice cubes into submission, mixed, shook, strained, sliced and diced–all with great ease and a smile. It was a perfect way to begin a New York evening.