Anatomy of a Table Setting

June 5, 2011

Most Friday nights in our home are reserved for martini & pizza dinner. It is something we have been doing for many years. I like the high/low of it. It is also great for inviting guests, as we don’t have to cook a full-on meal, just assemble a few nibbles to have with our martini, mix together a salad, and put together a simple dessert.

This table setting really stemmed from 2 things. We had recently acquired some cool new napkins that have a stripe of yellow in them. I had also just picked up a few glorious bunches of yellow field tulips. It got me to thinking how much I like the combination of green and yellow together.

All that was needed was a slice of lemon set atop the ice cubes in the water glasses, and we were all set for a fun, festive evening.