Back to New York

June 10, 2011

It is hard for me to be in New York, whether for business or pleasure, and not pay homage to Bergdorf Goodman. I have been a fan of the store for some 20+ years, and I always draw inspiration from it.

The windows are always stellar and a huge visual treat. The small bird window was sublime, and had a tremendous amount of detail for such a small window. The large window with it’s organic theme made my heart sing. The varying shades of earth tones with feathers and fronds was top notch.

The store carries many of the finest brands, and the people watching is out of this world. My only disappoint this visit was I was not “wowed” on the home section floor as I have been in the past. While the product was still amazing, many of the displays lacked punch. It really shows how much work it takes to keep things fresh & evolving, and that displays are not always going to hit a home run. In the past, displays were more creative vignettes, while this visit much of the same product was just grouped together–in my mind lacking a level of creativity. What I took away from the experience, is how important it is to keep the displays fluid and fresh.

It was and always will be at the top of my list when I am in the city. When I returned home, I had a lovely Bergdorf Goodman box waiting for me as a “thank you” from Pam, who joined me on this adventure. It was a perfect way to end the trip.