WK Fine Home Expands

June 15, 2011

I am very excited, elated really, to share some fun news with all of you! We are expanding the First & Spring location, doubling the size, allowing us to showcase more of our goods. We really have been busting at the seems in our current space, so the additional space will really allow us to grow.

Contractors are at this very moment doing their contractor magic on the additional space. A temporary wall was built in the shop so we could conduct business as usual while the work was in progress. That is the above photo.

They have spent days pulling up carpeting and removing glue. As you can see, there was quite a bit of glue on the floor.

This is what the floor was underneath all of that glue and carpeting. I love it! It has taken days for the contractors to bring them back to their former glory. Some of you might remember what was in the space many years ago? Lead Gallery & Wine Bar, put in these glorious floors. I am happy to revive them, and bring them back to life.

I will post more as progress continues. The goal is to have the expanded space complete by the mid of July. I can hardly wait!