Jam Jars

June 17, 2011

I laugh as I begin to write this, as I am sure some of you will think, my gosh they eat quite a bit of jam. Just please know that this collection of jam jars has taken quite a few years to accrue, so our jam habit is under control.

Using every day items that many would discard after using is a fun way to start a collection. Having a large number of any one item can be visually appealing when massed together. In this case, they provide great storage for every day things that are also visually appealing. I love seeing the jars full of peppercorns, toothpicks, sea salt with herbs, apricots and such. It also makes using these things much easier, because they are out in the open, and not stuck in the back of a cupboard.

We are busy working our way thru more jam, so row 3 is in the works.