In the Closet

July 2, 2011

I think there are many ways to live creatively each day and that each of our lives’ tell a story. I am always looking for ways to add interest visually & creatively to spaces–whether that be at the shops or home. I started adding bits of ephemera from my daily life to the insides of my closet doors.

Now opening my closet each morning to get dressed, I am reminded of many fun experiences I have had in the past, as well as the great friends I have shared them with. The Dave Matthews concert stub from when we saw him perform at The Gorge, that was a gift from our friends David and Pat Allen. The oversized 6 and 3 playing cards sent to me by my creative friend Jane Dagmi, as well as the postcard from Balthazar. The card that was a gift from one of the vendors of my favorite Paris flea market, and the ‘friend’ card from my pal Mindy Carpenter.

Each and every momento brings me joy, and to be able to get a quick look at them brings back great memories.

I use removable double stick tape, so I am able to switch things around, or take something out. It is my mini rotating gallery. Truly for my own enjoyment–which I do each day.