I Heart Small Spaces

July 3, 2011

Even as a kid, I was intrigued by what could be done with a small space over that of a larger one. I always chose the smaller bedroom when my siblings would want the bigger ones. In college, I opted for a smaller room in a historic building on campus, instead of a room in a new building that had rooms twice the size. I have always gravitated to, for lack of a better word, the coziness a small space.

So I was delighted when I opened the mailbox last night and reached in and pulled out the last House Beautiful.

I have long been a big Stephen Drucker fan, and was delighted when he showed up at the shops a few years back to check them out. I was saddened to see him leave the magazine, but knew it was being put in the very capable hands of Newell Turner, who I had also long admired. Newell has not disappointed. Under his guidance, the magazine has stayed fresh, and is even a tad more approachable. Very few top notch design magazines would put out an entire issue devoted to small spaces, and bravo to them, they have.

“The charm, the beauty of small houses–or of any small living space, for that matter–is in the creative and stylish ways we decorate them and make them work.” Newell could not have stated it better. Check it out, it is a fab issue, with tons of design eye candy, and great small space ideas.

The above shower with a door leading to the outside is just too cool for words.