My Bloody Mary

July 6, 2011

It is funny how certain things/experiences get associated with a place. Sitting outside at a cafe when in Paris, having lobster when you visit friends in Boston, or having gelato when you are walking around Rome.

One of my favorite associations I have with a place and thing, is sitting with a freshly made Bloody Mary while reading in my favorite chair when we are at our home on Vashon Island. There is something about the experience that I find completely relaxing. I also find the drink to be somewhat healthy, since it is made with V8 juice. Please know I am smiling as I typed that last sentence. Truly though, I do find the cocktail to be filling & satisfying, for both the body and mind.

Here is my version. Try one the next time you are sitting in your favorite chair about to start a new book.

Get your favorite good sized glass and fill it half way with ice cubes. Pour in 2 shots of your favorite vodka. I am an Absolut fan, as was my Dad, so this is also in remembrance of him. Next add as much of a can of V8 as your glass will hold, preferably this is the entire 11.5 ounce can. Add a few pinches of sea salt and a few cracks of fresh ground pepper. Then add 2 shakes of worcestershire sauce and 3 drops of Tabasco sauce. Cut a small wedge of lime, and squeeze it to release all of the juice into the glass while also adding that wedge to the cocktail. I am not a big fan of celery, and I also think it takes up precious room that vodka could take, so I like to add a pickled asparagus spear. Lastly, I add a spoonful of the pickling juice (which is vinegar and garlic) that the asparagus has been sitting in. I find this last extra step adds an amazing amount of depth of flavor to the Bloody Mary. Stir and enjoy! I also like to have a little bowl of potato chips with this, and man oh man, it is a satisfying little combo.