A Day of Display

July 9, 2011

Here is a look at some of the freshening up of the displays we did yesterday in the front part of the Home store. Bit by bit, and day by day, the expansion is taking place. The overall goal is to have both spaces meld together, and become one. So we thought re-displaying some of the existing space would help achieve that.

Stacks & stacks of art, home design and food books set amongst basket after basket of French linens.

You are greeted with a mixture of product to get you visually stimulated and put you in the mood to shop. Bamboo, feathers, wood all combine to create a natural display.

The back side of the front display, carrying over a similar color palette of product, but slightly different goods.

And lastly, our first display in the new space. Apologies for the lighting on this one. Our cans for the tracks are still on order, so the new space is not properly lit yet. I do like the moodiness of this one though. It is a taste of what is yet to come–as we have over a 150 new works of art to be hung.

Happy Saturday all!