Vibrant Yellow

July 16, 2011

While the shop is getting a re-do, I thought we might as well refresh the office while all the work was being done. The office does not have windows, so natural light was out of the equation. I wanted to choose a color that was bright and energizing, that would look good in an inclosed space. Our favorite hotel to stay when we visit Paris, is Hotel le Tourville. Each room is painted a vibrant color, and our favorite room to stay in is the yellow suite. I think we came pretty darn close to matching it. The color just makes me happy.

We had it painted high gloss, so the light really bounces off of it, and is great in an inclosed space. I had the desks painted in high gloss, as well. The black adds a richness to the yellow, and I have always loved that color combo. I have just begun hanging the artwork & ephemera, and it is starting to feel like home again. Well, more like a really comfortable work space, but you get the picture.