Raspberry Dessert

July 28, 2011

Entertaining on a week night is fun, but I really want to make all the components of the meal fairly simple. Last night we had one of TPS’s childhood friends from New York who is in town for business, over for cocktails and a simple supper. They had picked up salmon and the rest of the main meal while they were touring around the city in the late afternoon. I was in charge of dessert. It was a long day at work, so I decided to assemble my favorite, quick & easy dessert, as I knew it would only take a few minutes. We have actually had guests want to lick the bowl to make sure they have gotten all of the caramel sauce. Here it is.

Take vanilla ice cream out to soften a bit, to start. I am a Haagen-Dazs fan, but any good variety will do. Find a caramel sauce you like. We sell a salted caramel sauce from France, as well as one from local chocolatier Fran’s that is just straight caramel. Heat the caramel sauce in the microwave till it is just warm. Pour the heated sauce into each bowl. Place one scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bowl on top of caramel sauce. It will start to melt a bit, and that is what you want. Next place a scoop of your favorite raspberry sorbet that has not been left out to soften next to the melting vanilla ice cream in the dish. Pour raspberry sauce (again, Fran’s is my source for this amazing sauce) over both scoops, and then scatter a few fresh raspberries over all. This is really all about buying the right stuff and assembling it–just what I like after a busy day. Give it a try, I promise you will have some happy guests.

20110728-072830.jpg The photo is a bit hazy. Sorry about that. I think the extra large martini might have had something to do with that.

Happy Thursday!