Remembering Savannah

July 29, 2011

We took a wonderful trip to Savannah, Georgia earlier this year, which was part holiday/part vintage buying trip. We had been to Savannah almost 15 years ago, so we knew we would love returning, since our first trip was a great one. It did not disappoint. It was as charming & eccentric as I had remembered it before. We stayed at the Mansion on Forsyth Park, which was perfect as the park is right out the front door, so walking our pooch Bailey was a breeze. We took a picnic to Bonaventure Cemetary, which sounds creepy as I type this, but it really is one of the more beautiful spots in the city. We drove around each of Savannah’s 21 squares, which are amazing. We shopped for vintage goods for Watson Kennedy, finding incredible stuff–sterling candlesticks were a prevailing theme. The Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD, had grown by leaps and bounds since our earlier trip. It is extraordinary how they have incorporated the campus throughout the city into these historic buildings. Really spectacular.

Savannah really is a magical place, and I highly recommend a visit. Earlier in the trip, we had been to Charleston, which is also quite stunning. I have described them to friends by saying, “if I were a city, I would be Charleston, but my soul would be from Savannah”–they both are truly special places.



On trips, I become fixated on certain design details. The houses of Savannah are exquisite, and the door knockers just add to the charm.