They Have Arrived

July 31, 2011

My oh my, I was a happy man when I saw that lone bucket in one of the flower vendors stall yesterday morning as I did my Saturday walk thru the Pike Place Market, before I open the shop at 10. They have arrived! One divine bucket of white dahlias. $12 for 12 stems, and I was on my way.

I typically don’t arrange them quite so tall, but these were just perfect at varying heights. I put them on the front table of the shop for all to enjoy for the day. We wrapped them back up as we closed, and they made the trip over to the island with us, ready to adorn the dining table today. We have guests arriving at 3. Tomorrow I will show you what I did with these beauties. Different setting, different arrangement. I will have gotten my $12 worth out these, ten fold…

A restful Sunday to all.