Square Ice Cubes

August 9, 2011

I have a thing for square ice cubes. Of course, the first thought is that by definition an ice ‘cube’ would be square, but it is so rarely the case. Ice most times is served crushed, half mooned or rounded–all of which melt rather quickly. One of my favorite little treats when we are staying out on the North Fork of Long Island, is going to this certain store that has an ice machine out in front, that sells bags of square ice cubes. You slide in 3 single dollar bills, you hear the machine fill up an 8 pound paper bag, then the bag drops down, and is ready to be taken away. Joy really so often is in the simple things. The cubes are quite large, so they do not melt as quickly. I am an ice guy. I drink an iced coffee every day of the year, I almost always have a glass of sparking water with lemon going throughout the day that has ice in it, and I have been know to savor a few g&t’s in the evening. It has been so very hot and humid this week, that the gin & tonics have been a glorious sight come cocktail time. All of the above drinks served with my beloved square ice cubes.