Bailey Day

August 11, 2011

I have received numerous requests for a post highlighting our pooch, Bailey. She has loved being at the beach this week, and I have had many opportunities to click away and capture a bit of her personality. She is a mini schnauzer, soon to be 6. We bring her on all of our trips, so she has become a seasoned traveller, in her Sherpa bag, at our feet under the seat on the airplane. She comes to the stores with me each day when we are back home, and is ‘shop girl’ extraordinaire.




20110811-083506.jpgIf Bailey could live on a lap, she would.

Check out ‘Dog Story’ by Adam Gopnik, in The New Yorker this week. Sweet, funny, informative. He is such a good writer.

Happy Thursday, or whatever day it is. I have slipped into the vacation haze where the days have started to meld together as one, and you lose all track of time–glorious, just glorious.