Aisle After Aisle

August 15, 2011

Row after row. Walking a trade show is really a unique experience. Walking one of the worlds largest trade shows only adds to that uniqueness. This really is a hunt. There is alotttt of bad stuff out there–my task is to sort thru and find the gems. I relish this task. It is a visual feast where I love to dine. Yesterday was my first full day at the show, and I found some real gems. Part of buying is a bit like putting a puzzle together. You might find something cool, but does it really fit? Buying is exhilarating, stressful, enjoyable, tiring, challenging and fun–it runs the gamut depending on the hour. I am spending oodles of money, and am hopeful most of what I choose will be on target. You must just trust your gut and your eye, buy with conviction, and keep a good sense of humor.

20110815-060958.jpg The above heart was one of my finds. I adore it. Look for them gracing the front windows come Valentine’s Day. I have written 37 orders in a day and a half of buying, and I am trilled with each and every thing. It is going to be a fun Autumn opening up all the boxes when things arrive…

Dinner last night with my friend Jewel at Prune was a delight. We have a friendship that allows for very little dead air time. We chatted from start to finish, with much laughter. We also had one extraordinary meal. When I come to New York, I have dinner at Prune. Always. It is that good. We had the last bottle of Croteaux Vineyards rose’ from the case we bought to start our holiday on Long Island last week. It was perfect with our meal, and a lovely reminder of the carefree week we had at the beach. Put Prune at the top of the list on your next NYC visit.