Fab Finds

August 16, 2011

20110816-054208.jpg It was a full, busy day at the show, and I found some serious gems. I think I have a chair obsession. Everywhere I turned, here a chair, there a chair–and I liked quite a few of them, which is not always the case. The above is my favorite of the bunch.

20110816-054642.jpg The show is attracting more and more artisans who re-work vintage finds, which you all know I love. I could barely contain myself when I saw this table filled with vintage martini shakers & such that had been made into lamps.

20110816-055006.jpg Hands down my favorite find of the day were these original watercolor drawings from 1922. Now that we have more wall space at the shops, finding artwork has been at the top of my list. These will be even more beautiful when we have them framed.

TPS & Bailey arrive back in the city early this eve. They went and visited some of his family and stayed at the Sive country home in The Catskills while I bought at the show. We are spending our last evening at the Soho Grand hotel tonight, and will spend our last day in New York bumming around the city. Today is my last day for the show, so I am hitting it early. Off to find more fab finds…