A Martini, My Way

August 20, 2011

If it is Friday evening, it is pretty close to a sure bet that I will be having a martini and Mister Sive will be having a Gibson. Both of those cocktails will be made with gin. Always. I am the mixologist in the family, so it will be me making them. If we are having guests, I will make them for the group. It is a tradition/ritual we hold very dear. Our pizza & martini Friday nights started many years ago, and we find it a great way to end a busy week.

Here is how I make a martini. I titled it ‘A Martini, My Way’ as I know lots of folks have their tried & true version. This is mine.
I am of the shaken, not stirred family. Because of my love of ice, I like my martini realllllly cold. Fill shaker to the top with ice. Then pour in your favorite gin. We are big Tanqueray fans, with Hendrick’s coming in a close second. I use a small shaker and make each cocktail individually, so I come pretty close to filling the shaker. It is several shots worth, if I were to guess. This is a very grown up cocktail by the way. We never drive after having one of these, and guests most always cab to our home if they are invited. I like to keep the gin in the freezer so it is icy cold right out of the gate. The gin does not have to be this way, but it is extra great if it is. Next, vermouth. I like vermouth, but I don’t want it to overpower the drink. Which it can. I use a quarter of a cap full, from the bottle. Then shake that shaker vigorously. I think of it as my Friday eve exercise. Pour into a martini glass, that has skewered olives awaiting. A friend got me hooked on olives stuffed with a garlic clove, which are quite dandy. Any good quality olive will do, just make sure there is no pit involved. Sit, relax, enjoy.