Scented Geraniums in Single Stem Vases

August 24, 2011

20110824-080119.jpg Herbs are fab in single stem vases, as well as stems from scented geraniums. In late Spring, I like to buy multiple pots of geraniums and set them around the shops. They are a lovely addition to the displays. There is just something about having live things set amongst the goods that I think adds a good energy & feel to the space. Plus, they are just nice to look at, and since they are scented, nice to smell too. If cared for properly, they will also grow like crazy, so you can cut them back and use the clippings in single stem containers.

When I was away on this last trip, the geraniums grew like weeds because it was so sunny. They love indirect light, so we have them about the shops in places that they will thrive. When I got home, I cut them all way back, and took the cuttings home.

20110824-081304.jpg On our last few trips to London, I have found vintage bottles that actually have the word ‘London’ embossed into the glass. This grouping behind the sofa made a fun trio with the stems in them. I love how they intertwine.

20110824-081647.jpg A single large stem coming out of a vintage glass apothecary jar, on a side table.

20110824-081807.jpg In the bathroom, the steam from the shower releases some of scent of the geranium leaves.

The thing I most like about using these cuttings, is they can last quite awhile, and they add just the right amount of perky green to your home.