Inspiration Everywhere

August 26, 2011

I was interviewed yesterday for an upcoming article about the Watson Kennedy shops for Where magazine. The editor could not have been cooler, and she asked a slew of questions that were right on the mark. “Where do I get my inspiration” was at the top of the list. My answer was that I really get my inspiration daily and everywhere. I try and stay open to all situations, be in the moment, and keep my eyes open to all things around me. Later in the day I was out & about and snapped a few shots that inspired me.

20110826-055348.jpg I love the color of the antlers against the earthiness and creaminess of the vintage fabric.

20110826-055452.jpg I thought the patina on this old sign was fantastic, and I always love the use of old pages from books used in place of wallpaper.

A word about the post I wrote yesterday. I got to the shop and Pam asked me what I had written about. I told her I wrote about the house of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith that was featured in Architectural Digest. She then mentioned that word of them splitting up was all over the news. I feel terribly. My comments were directed at the AD article, not them personally. I had no idea of them potentially splitting up. What weird timing that I would choose to write about that yesterday. I wish them the best, and hope the news is untrue.