Lots of Letters

August 30, 2011

20110830-091408.jpg When I was at the New York show, I was asked by a trade publication, “What do you do to make Watson Kennedy stand out in the retail field?” Without hesitation, I answered, “Try and not be like all the others. Tell my own unique story thru product and displays, and to have goods that are not over-saturated in the market.” I like mixing it up. If we carry something, believe in it. Go deep in products that make you stand out. One small example for me is letter ephemera. I have always loved words. I decided to take that passion and bring it into the shops by way of product. Bowl after bowl, platter after platter of letters.

20110830-093428.jpg Customers buy them for art projects, to embellish gifts–you name it. It has become a Watson Kennedy staple and trademark.

20110830-093856.jpg That then inspires me to add to the collection when I am on buying excursions. On our trip to Charleston/Savannah/Asheville in January, we stumbled upon vintage wood blocks. Then we found more. And more. The blocks fit the letter theme I like for the shops, and have been a fun addition.