Fresh Windows

September 11, 2011

20110911-065603.jpg The week after Labor Day is always a hustle and bustle at the shops, as the shift of mindset from Summer to Autumn takes place. I like to change out the windows on Tuesday, as it really starts getting me in the mood for the season ahead. Typically in Seattle, you start feeling the air cool. But we have had one of the prettier, sunny weeks of this Summer.

I decided to create windows of ethereal whites with touches of sepia, brown and black. I have been quite reflective this past week, given the tenth anniversary of September 11th, letting that be the driving force in this first design.

The destination signs continue to be one of our best selling items on the website and shops, so I built a window around them. The gargantuan vintage glove molds worked perfectly anchoring each end of the display. The sun shining brightly onto the window.

A restful, reflective day to you all. Sending love, TKW