Washing Glassware by Hand

September 16, 2011

Even as a kid, one of my chores was to hand wash the glassware we used for that day. That also included the “fancy” glasses as my brother would call them, that we used for holidays or when we had guests. They were a vintage set of goblets that had belonged to my mother’s grandmother. It always made me feel good that my mom trusted me enough with the task, even at a young age. I relished the chore. I find something amazingly therapeutic (I love the detail & routine) about washing dishes by hand. Well actually, washing glassware by hand. Most everything else is just fine in the dishwasher, but to this day, I always wash glasses by hand. I still am baffled when a customer brings up a very delicate glass to the counter and asks me if they are ok to go in the dishwasher.

What has changed over the years are all the great new liquid dish soaps that have entered the market. Many are made with pure essential oils, which adds such wonderful smells to the whole process. We just got in a new line by J.R. Watkins, that I found at the show last month in New York. The scents are sublime, and the packaging will look great left out on the counter.

Whatever soap you use, happy hand washing!