My Favorite Things Today

September 25, 2011

With goods arriving daily, it is hard to narrow it down to only a hand full. These are the things that really resonated with me these past few weeks.

20110925-093310.jpg Italian flatbread crackers with olive oil and sea salt. These are quite thin, and quite delicious.

20110925-093447.jpg This was one of my favorite finds at the show in New York. A lucite cube with a burlap tufted seat, with twisted rope handles on 2 sides. I can think of a zillion usages for this exquisite little fellow.

20110925-093655.jpg I usually buy jewelry as individual pieces, but I thought this trio was just too pretty to pass up.

20110925-093809.jpg These jams are made by the coolest, most lovely gal who lives in Seattle. The contents on the inside are as wonderful as the packaging. A winning combo.

20110925-094041.jpg Our dog section just grows and grows.

A restful, beginning of Autumn Sunday to you all.