My Favorite Things Today

October 12, 2011

It is funny, looking back on the photos I took yesterday at the shop, they all have a similar earthy, darker tone to them. Must have been that it was pouring down rain while I was roaming the store making my choices. Most are new, but a few are Watson Kennedy best sellers that I just can’t seem to get enough of.

20111012-081543.jpg This twisted rope handled magnifying glass just seems like it would be perfect left out on an old fashioned desk.

20111012-081734.jpg This highlights the amazing staff meals that are made and consumed at some of the finest establishments before the doors are even opened to customers.

20111012-082007.jpg Hands down the Marco Polo Mariage Freres tea is one of our best selling things in the shops. Hands down.

20111012-082152.jpg Yes, we now sell water. I could not help myself. This is the coolest bottle I have ever seen. My idea here was that the bottle would be re-used and become the water bottle for the dining table.

20111012-082437.jpg This is also a Watson Kennedy staple. Hung off of a bottle of wine, a wrapped gift, slipped into a note–these tags are perfect to have on hand to use in place of a greeting card.

A word about the above. Not everything I feature on the blog makes it onto the web site. If you see something you like, then by all means please feel free to e-mail me at or give us a call at 800.991.9361 and we can answer any questions or ring up your sale and ship you your goods. We aim to please.