Apple of My Eye

October 24, 2011

20111024-082653.jpg Having forgotten the apples for the table last week-end, I made doubly sure I had them for the table yesterday. Red dahlias were nowhere to be found, so an all out apples fest would be the plan. Our friends Peg & Brian, along with pooch Sammy were on the 2 o’clock ferry, so I knew I had the morning to put the table together.

20111024-083244.jpg It turned out to be a lovely, non-windy day, so we decided to have the table under the covered porch, just in case rain did decide to drop by. I wanted to leave the zinc table bare, without a table cloth. I thought the scattered apples looked better on the zinc, so I folded the apple motif flour sack dish towels and used them like a place mat, and added another for our napkin.

20111024-083918.jpg Our new red handled Laguiole silverware would give an extra punch of color. The dish towel/napkin has green apples on them too, so I added green apples and a few green glassed votive holders to play off of that. Bailey’s head poking out at the top of the table, as she watches TPS at the grill.

20111024-084503.jpg The variety of apples out right now is amazing. It was so much fun looking for different sizes, shapes and shades.

20111024-084751.jpg And what better way to end the meal than with a rustic apple tart.