A Vintage Book Project

October 25, 2011

I had been wanting to wallpaper the back walls of the built-in bookcases we had made for our living room when we moved back to The Gainsborough years back. But I also was not sure I would like it, as I was worried that the wallpaper might close in the space. I decided to do a quick fix, which we like so much, that we will most likely keep as it is. I had found 2 different dictionaries when I was out hunting & gathering. Both were coming apart, with pages falling out of them. These would be perfect to use as a wallpaper alternative.

20111025-081239.jpg Using double stick tape, I pulled pages that had words or images that I liked, then double stick taped around the entire 4 sides of the page. The variation of color and size of the 2 books was what I was after.

20111025-081545.jpg I then overlapped pages, varying the 2 varieties of papers, so there was not necessarily a consistent pattern. I really wanted each shelf to look similar but different.

20111025-081932.jpg The result was exactly what I was going for. It adds visual interest, but does not make it feel too closed in. The collection of Juliska glasses that I like to use as vases works great as you can see thru them a bit, and see hints of the paper.

20111025-082547.jpg This quick papering method would probably not work well for heavily trafficked areas, but that is not an issue in the back of bookcase.

20111025-082900.jpg We had mirrors made to fit into the middle section of the bookcases. The mirror really allows for light to bounce around the space.

20111025-083621.jpg I love projects that make you see your home in new and fresh perspectives.