November 11, 2011

20111111-060622.jpg Happy 11/11/11!
I have always associated the number 11 with goods things. It has been a number I have been connected to since my earliest memory, and I am not certain why. But as many things in life, you just take it, and roll with it. In my case, I took it and ran with it! 11’s are sprinkled throughout my life–pool balls, cards, artwork–too many really to mention without boring you. But all things I love that bring a smile to my face, or that bring back fond memories.

So on this ELEVEN day, I wish you all good things!

Please join us at the Fine Home shop on First & Spring anytime from 10 to 6 today for a little 11 festive-ness, a glass of bubbly or a cup of Mariage Freres tea, an 11 cookie Pam has so lovingly made for you, and see the expanded space if you have not already.

20111111-061705.jpg P.S. The paperwhites have really started to take off.