My Favorite Things Today

November 13, 2011

It has been a whirlwind week. The Open House yesterday was so much fun. Oodles of customers, music in the air, happiness–really all so lovely. I clicked away photos at the beginning of the week, and completely forgot about them. We have gotten in some very cool new things. Here is a look.

20111113-081331.jpg This is a seasonal scent from Votivo. The sweetness of the clementine really makes this a winner. So does the silver container it is housed in.

20111113-081539.jpg A new scent from Simpatico. It smells amazingly like fresh brewed tea. In a bubble bath and lotion.

20111113-081741.jpg A fab 5 year journal with Jane Austen quotes throughout.

20111113-081853.jpg I love warm smelling things in the cold months. Plus this makes me think of Maine, which holds a special place in my heart.

20111113-082012.jpg This is a tin of nougat & nut candy that I always seek out when I am in Paris. It is that sweet and salty combo that I so like.

20111113-082219.jpg The Santa Maria Novella scents have been a huge hit.

20111113-082326.jpg We added a small kids section when we expanded the Home store. These hand knit dolls are just adorable.

20111113-082453.jpg And these books work well for both big and small kids.

20111113-082638.jpg Twine in an array of colors to wrap things simply this season.

A restful Sunday to all.