Black Truffle Butter

November 15, 2011

20111115-073952.jpg Truffles have a reputation, deservedly so, of being super expensive. Truffle butter, on the other hand, is affordable, but it still feels like a luxury when using it. I am transported to an outside cafe in France. This is a fairly new item in my culinary pantry, but each time I use it, I fall in love with it a little more. Many grocery stores are carrying it (look for it in the cheese section), as well as many online sources. It ranges from $6 to $8 for a container, but boy oh boy, it goes a long way. Mix in a few tablespoons to still warm pasta, melt over popcorn, or add a few dollops to mashed potatoes. My favorite is adding it to scrambled eggs right as the eggs are finished, and then topping that on a piece of toast. The musky, fragrant truffle adding the perfect depth of flavor to the eggs.