Bar Accoutrements

November 18, 2011

A well stocked bar can mean much more than having a variety of alcohol & mixer choices. It is also a chance to bring a little style into the area. With more and more people entertaining at home, a gift to jazz up one’s bar set-up can be a winner heading into this Holiday season. Below are a few things we sell that top the list of fun bar gifts.

20111118-063014.jpg The French Tire-Bouchon Zig Zag wine opener is a classic, and looks great sitting out on a bar.

20111118-063231.jpg We have a new supplier for these pump decanters, and they now work better than ever. Put your hand over the top of the pump, push down, and it pours a perfect shot. The bottle is etched with a variety of liquors, such as gin, vodka and scotch.

20111118-063610.jpg This is made for me by a local Seattle guy, Jack, who hand stamps his name on each piece. They are bottle openers with a very vintage feel.

20111118-063828.jpg These are vintage non-working seltzer bottles that are metal encased and just have the greatest look to them.

20111118-064154.jpg A cut out of a champagne bottle by San Francisco artist Denise Fiedler is always a good thing.

20111118-064351.jpg As is a piece of art by Hugo Guinness.

20111118-064526.jpg This urn shaped vase would also work great as an ice bucket, and look uber stylish left out on a bar.

20111118-064837.jpg A vintage Veuve Clicquot bucket would make any fan of the widow very, very happy.

All of the above are goods we sell at Watson Kennedy. If anything catches your eye or interests you, please feel free to e-mail me directly with questions or call one of the shops.