Books as Gifts

November 27, 2011

This time of year, well I think really anytime of year, the gift of a book is always a grand idea. Books are easy to wrap, simple to mail, fit neatly in your luggage when you travel to far away places and need to give a gift to your host–they really can be the perfect gift for so many occasions.

Here are a few of my favorites we are stocking at WK at the moment.

20111127-042755.jpg Poetry always makes for a fun addition to a coffee table or a bedside table.

20111127-042953.jpg Boating anyone?

20111127-043132.jpg A fun guy gift. This is retro in feel, but the content is as relevant today as it was them–maybe even more so.

20111127-043402.jpg Another great guy gift. A fab addition to any bar.

My suggestion is to write a small note on one of the opening pages of the book, as well as date it. It is a lovely reminder years down the road who the book was from. Plus it is that extra amount of thought & gracious detail, that will really make the gift of the book even more special.