They Have Opened

December 1, 2011

20111201-071453.jpg The paperwhite narcissus bulbs I planted almost 4 weeks ago have started to bloom, and our home is filled with amazing scent. Those little buds pack a bunch. You can smell them the minute you walk in the entry hall. I love it! The heady scent is something I associate with the Holidays, and all the festiveness that brings.

20111201-072124.jpg Even in the large vintage glass jar, the stems are still unbelievably tall. The walls of the jar helping to keep the stems from falling over.

20111201-072512.jpg Last year I planted 3 rounds of the bulbs in this container, so we had paperwhites blooming almost up to Valentine’s Day. It is so fun to watch all the stages of the bulb, and how much beauty they provide all along the way.

A happy December 1st to all!