Tulip Time

December 6, 2011

20111206-054927.jpg Tulips seem to arrive earlier and earlier each year. That is fine & dandy by me, because rarely have I met a tulip that I did not like. I adore tulips, and will have them at home and the shops from now until the last bloom is available from the fields in May and even sometimes June. I love how hearty they are, the variety of colors of the flower, the variation of the stem–really everything about them. Bottom line, tulips just make me incredibly happy.

20111206-055608.jpg My favorite way to use them is in single stem vases. That really allows for the beauty of each blossom to be appreciated. The 2 bunches I bought the other day, needed to be used in 3 spots at home. We have an overnight guest arriving tomorrow, so the dining table needed flowers, as well as the bedside table in the guest room. I took the prettiest bloom and had it stand alone in a vintage elongated apothecary bottle, to really highlight the singular beauty of the fluttery petals. For the dining table, I placed each tulip in a collection of vintage bottles, and scattered them down the middle of the table. This really highlights the flower, and stretches the impact of a single bunch of tulips.

20111206-060452.jpg For the bedside table in the guest room, I really wanted the blooms to be tight, so they would not overtake the small table, and be less likely to get knocked over, since the table is very close to the bed. I used a glassybaby as a vase, and cut the stems super short, so just the heads of the tulips can be seen.