Classic Watson Kennedy Gifts

December 7, 2011

A customer asked me the other day, what are my all-time favorite gifts we stock at Watson Kennedy? Many of the below goods we have carried since we opened 13 years ago. These are my “go to” gifts when we are invited to a dinner or a party, and are a classic holiday gift that always pleases.

20111207-070506.jpg Agraria bitter orange, from the famed candle maker, in the trademark wrapping.

20111207-070706.jpg A French fresh soap in just about any yummy scent they produce, but verbena is my personal fav.

20111207-070902.jpg Local Seattle chocolatier Fran’s, has developed a cult following for her salted chocolate caramels. President Obama is such a big fan, when you meet with him at the White House, you are given a box. Until that invitation arrives, we can help you out with this gift winner.

20111207-071533.jpg From England, this chunky sea salt is the perfect gift for the cook in your life.

20111207-071700.jpg Truffle popcorn in a box just waiting to be wrapped. We have customers who buy cases of this–it is that good. I am not sure they are giving them all away.

20111207-071906.jpg Boat Street Cafe pickled figs are that combo of sweet & savory I love, and the stylish jar makes for perfect gift giving. We always have one or two of these in our fridge at the ready.

20111207-072155.jpg Cote Bastide amber crystal potpourri in the beautiful box is always sure to please.

20111207-072519.jpg Last Holiday, House Beautiful asked me what one of my favorite gifts to give was, and Marco Polo tea by Mariage Freres in Paris was the answer.

20111207-073012.jpg A fig Diptyque candle still makes my heart skip a beat when I first open the box and get a whiff of that extraordinary scent.

20111207-073241.jpg I am not sure how many thousands of these we have sold since we first opened our doors, but it is a crazy amount. Years back, I wrapped a bunch of these as gifts for Alanis Morissette when she was in town performing. She was dating actor Ryan Reynolds at the time, and they stood at the back of the store kissing while I wrapped her Votivo red currant candles. A very funny memory indeed.

20111207-073818.jpg And lastly, a tin of spicy Aztec MarieBelle hot chocolate from New York is sure to be a loved gift this season.