Tiny Trees

December 8, 2011

20111208-070623.jpg I found the sweetest little evergreen trees the other day in the Market. For the past few years we have purchased a large live tree for our week-end place on Vashon Island (and then we plant it on our property in the new year) and have not had a tree for our home in the city. We spend so much time at the shops during the Holidays, that our creative energy is spent there, instead. But I missed seeing a tree during the week. These little potted evergreen trees have been such a fun hit of festiveness, I think we will end up doing them each year in the vintage champagne buckets, even when we do get a larger tree. I put one on the dining table and another on top of the armoire. They work perfectly slipped into the Veuve buckets, as they are still in the plastic bucket they originally came in, so pulling them out and watering them every few days and soaking them in the sink is a breeze.