Creative Friends

December 12, 2011

20111212-063531.jpg Creativity comes in many forms, styles and venues. I am so fortunate to have friendships with many creative souls, and it is something I cherish on a daily basis. Their creativity fuels me. These are a few ways I was shown it in the past weeks.

20111212-065751.jpg My beautiful friend Jane Dagmi lives stylishly & creatively each day. As a writer and stylist, she combines creativity in both the written and the visual. She is always working on some sort of project whenever we chat. The 2 above photos were her gift to me for my birthday. She created a box of blocks with images she thought I would like. These are great to fiddle with after a long day, sitting with a glass of wine. There are many ways the blocks can rest in the box too, so even when they are just resting, they look cool. The lucite lid allows for a rotating gallery of possibilities.

20111212-070908.jpg My friend Pam Moller, who is also a Watson Kennedy family member, also lives & breathes creativity each day. She knows my love of apples. This is what I walked into on my office desk a few weeks ago. An apple tableau of birthday gifts so beautifully presented. The 24 red striped napkins will be perfect at WestWard. They will also be used tonight for an event we are hosting in town. Look for them in the post tomorrow.

20111212-071722.jpg Creativity can also come in an e-mail. My friend Nancy, who is the artist that painted the portrait of Bailey that I posted awhile back, was at a wedding with her husband in the Maldives recently. He snapped this photo of her with a Watson Kennedy tote over her shoulder. WK goes international! The e-mail just made my day. It was such a creative, thoughtful gesture.